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Welcome to Toxic Icons!

Owner: vulcanella

A few simple rules that if we all follow it will be a happy little community :)

Credit: If an icon artist asks to give credit please do so, A lot of hard work goes into some of these icons and I dont want people being ripped off. Please also credit this community in your interests. It is new we need your help to grow.

LJ Cuts: If you are posting a lot of icons please use a cut, you may put a minimum of 5 icons in your entry as a preview for your work but anymore then that will require a livejournal cut.. the information on how to do this is located here.


Direct Linking: Please do not direct link, if you are going to take an icon please upload it to your own webspace so it doesnt clutter other peoples webspace.

Request: By all means request! I will try to make them as fast as possible but if it is not made ultra fast I apologise.

They are the main rules for now, as this is a new community im sure the rules will grow with members :)

Now enjoy :)